Yes! There are many useful features of pressure washing.

Pressure washing concrete sidewalks can remove years of stains and dirt buildup. Metal or wooden fences can also accumulate dirt, mud, and grass clippings over time. Pressuring washing this away can prevent the buildup of rust and the growth of mold, leaving your house looking brand new.

Pressure washing can also be applied to many other situations; whether it be cleaning your driveway, garage door, wooden deck, parking lot, stairs, walkway, patio, side paneling on your house, and so much more. It’s important to be cautious when using pressure washing tools as they can cause harm to delicate surfaces such as brick or stone walkways. These tools can also injure someone who is unfamiliar with using them. Our team at Reno Tahoe Window Cleaning knows how to easily adjust pressure washers to a lighter flow for fragile surfaces and a powerful flow for stubborn stains like oil and mildew on concrete surfaces. We can use these techniques to ensure no damage is done while washing away dirt and grime from the sides of your house. Call us today at 775-343-6090 if you have any questions about the benefits of pressure washing. We’re happy to help!

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