There is no doubt that gutters are an important aspect of any home. Gutters keep your home safe from expensive water damage by preventing flooding while also protecting the foundation of your home.

It’s crucial that gutters are kept clean in order to function at their maximum potential.

Debris build-up from leaves, branches, dirt, and more will leave your gutters unable to work properly. Houses surrounded by trees are at a disadvantage for debris to clog their gutters more quickly. Pine trees are especially known to shed their needles all year long! As winter approaches, gutters are at the highest risk of having a clog turn into irreparable damage. Over time runoff water from a clogged gutter will cause cracks in your home’s foundation, damage to any wood side paneling, and overflow into the landscape surrounding your home. It’s easy to forget about checking your gutters, as they are commonly seen as out of sight out of mind. Our professionals from Reno Tahoe Window Cleaning know to look for any bends or compromised seams in your gutters that might need further repair.

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