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Bird droppings and nests carry diseases, damage paint and shingles, clog gutters and drains, attract other pests (bugs and rats), and can cause slip-and-fall accidents. It is very frustrating when you allocate funds for the proper maintenance of your building or the investment you have in your home, only to have it spoiled by unsightly (not to mention unhealthy) bird droppings and nests. This doesn't help to promote the curb appeal you desire.

Call Reno Tahoe Window Cleaning to assess the problem and humanly remedy the situation with the installation of bird spikes, bird wire, or bird netting. Our trained specialist will advise you in the safe and proper use of bird repellents to put a stop to your unwanted bird problems.

All of our products are environmentally safe and will not harm the birds. We have the knowledge and experience to safely access the hard-to-reach areas where birds usually nest.

This service is offered for commercial and residential clients.

(775) 343-6090